About Stead

Stead technology is a group of creative technologists dedicated to design and build outstanding products and user experiences for our clients worldwide.

Weaving a culture, despite the distance

Despite being a remote team, there are few things we value from our team members that embodies the spirit of the company.

Team player

We value individuals who prioritize team goals ahead of personal interests, contributing to ideas & insights that may push the field forward. We value respect & collaboration, the only way we know can push our agency forward to higher success.

Work Ethic

We love individuals who chime their own path forward. At Stead, our members consistently demonstrate reliability, punctuality, and a strong sense of responsibility. We maintain a positive attitude, embrace challenges, & put in the effort to get success.


We value people who have fire in their eyes. People who exhibit an unwavering commitment to excellence, continuously striving to surpass expectations & deliver incredible outcomes.


We embody a culture of a strong moral compass. By doing what is right, our members at Stead contribute to a culture of trust, credibility and accountability. This helps us maintain our company’s reputation & foster a long lasting relationship with our clients.


What its like to
work with us

Curated team
We chose our team carefully. Our people are the reason for our great work. We hire the best, and we create the best, making us and our clients successful.
Staying lean
We stay lean and help your product do one thing exceptionally well. We trim down your product’s capabilities into a singular valuable problem solving machine.
Trustworthy roadmap
Our well thought out design & development process makes it easy to fix a timeline, resources needed & the budget required and give clarity to our clients.

Partnerships that resulted in success

By arming yourself with only an idea, we’ll help you transform it to a powerful product, just like our partners below

Stead helped Wonso, the market leading bookkeeping software become the go-to platform for bookeepers & small businesses since launch.

We’ve an extensive partnership with buddyboss to help attain their 50K+ active users with a refreshed UX/UI, branding and website design.

A partnership with Bloom where we worked closely to redesign and reengineer the Bloom user experience from top to bottom.

We helped design Taygo’s website and digital product that assists unify integrations and user experience for loan officers & operation staff.

We had an amazing partnership with puretax in designing & delivering an accounting experience that is fast, actionable & accurate.

Stead helped Prodpro’s Emmy-winning co-founders, Jeff Impey & Alex LoVerde design thier trusted production listing platform from scratch.

We’ve an extensive partnership with Casecoach in designing their accessible E-learning platform from top to bottom.

We’ve had a 4+ years ongoing partnership with oode in designing & revolutionizing their business management platform.

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What sort of timeframe are we looking at for delivery of just design?
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What sort of timeframe are we looking at for delivery of just design?
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