Work together

Feel at home among curious creatives & passionate coders. Our team is an eclectic place, full of creators with varied skills, interests & expertise. We take annual trips away to learn, laugh & enjoy the little things.

Embracing a multi-cultural & energetic environment

We’re looking for that 10%, the inspired, the relentless. Those who love the power of design, and those who breathe code.

Team player
We value individuals who prioritize team goals ahead of personal interests, contributing to ideas & insights that may push the field forward. We value respect & collaboration, that helps us grow together.
Learning time
Stead has implemented a structured approach that allows new employees to have dedicated learning time to adapt to the company's culture, processes, and expectations.
We embody a culture of a strong moral compass. By doing what is right, our members at Stead contribute to a culture of trust, credibility and accountability that helps us maintain our company’s culture.
High work ethic
We love individuals who chime their own path forward. At Stead, our members consistently demonstrate reliability, punctuality, and a strong sense of power & responsibility amongst ourselves
Flexible hours
We acknowledges that different employees have unique preferences and commitments outside of work that may affect their schedules. By offering flexibility, we empower our members with freedom.
We value people who have fire in their eyes. People who exhibit an unwavering commitment to excellence, continuously striving to surpass expectations & deliver incredible outcomes.

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We believe great products cannot be built without a great work force. Join our team of hybrid, diverse group of individuals that solve challenging problems.

UI/UX Designer
Remote / Bangalore