Mobile application development agency

Design stunning mobile applications that increases user engagement
Empowered by cutting edge tech, we whip up unique mobile experiences with excellent user experience across all platforms & mobile devices. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition by developing truly unique apps.


We commit to providing you with solutions that meet your unique needs & goals in business.

Global reach


We partner with clients across the globe, representing users from different ethnicity & lives.



We are a world class team of engineers & designers, that love what we do and push ourselves forward.

Years of experience


We have strategy, design & development expertise, all in one place, assured to give you success.

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Mobile app solutions that deliver value

By arming yourself with only an idea and endless curiosity, we’ll help you transform it to a powerful & awesome mobile applications.

Expand distribution

Expand distribution

Close to 2 billion people purchase products on their phones. Get more leads in an app with seamless UX/UI

Increase brand exposure

Increase brand exposure

Apps account for almost 90% of online time on smartphones. Be where your audiences are at all times

Build engagement & loyalty

Build engagement & loyalty

Send out relevant notifications to increase retention through reminders & build app engagement

Optimized processes

Optimized processes

Optimize your app operations & increase profitability and efficiency to take your business to new heights


The ultimate mobile agency for you.

An agile team
Over 25 professionals make our team, including B2B enterprise software developers, UX/UI designers & project managers. Overcome your challenges with our knowledge & skillsets
Quality assurance
No matter where we operate from around the world, we uphold the highest ethical quality standards. The success of our agency & our clients because of our need for perfection is the foundation of Stead.
Stead prioritizes creating systems that can handle increased user loads, growing data volumes, and expanding business requirements. We ensure that your B2B software can adapt for future growth
Enhanced security
We place a paramount importance on security throughout the development process. Stead meticulously analyzes potential vulnerabilities & implement rigorous protocols to foster reliability.
We care
Our work and our clients matter to us. We’ve worked with established startups, through trust, communication & the value we bring to each other. We bring project clarity & transparency to your team.
Fast deliverables
Our agile team prioritizes in delivering high quality products with a clear & well defined deliverables. Through effective project management & communication, we ensure successful software deployment.

Stead’s mobile app roadmap.

We uncover insights and shape products through a process of exploration, curiosity & investigation, to develop impactful apps.

Backed by powerful technology, & fostering a human centered approach to design, our vision is to achieve lasting solutions.

UX design
UI design
Mobile app dev
Quality assurance
Maintenance & support

Building apps where your customers are

Deliver a multichannel experience to your users, no matter where they may be. We will help you build a sleek mobile app

iOS app development

iOS app development

Create mobile apps for devices with the iOS operating system: ipads, iphones, Apple TVs & Apple watch

E-commerce applications

E-commerce applications

With E-commerce apps, your business can operate 24/7 & reach customers from anywhere

Wearable app development

Wearable app development

Create mobile apps for wearable devices: Smart watches, Apple watches & Fitness trackers

Enterprise app development

Enterprise app development

Build applications for B2B SaaS products. Increase business value, your network & brand awareness

Interface experience

Interface experience

The Stead team brings together highly-skilled & experienced people that’ll streamline app user journey

Consulting & strategy

Consulting & strategy

Our experts help turn your ideas into successful apps. We’ll provide you with a strategy, optimized to win

Cross platform

Cross platform

Create mobile apps that can be deployed on both iOS & Android. Dominate both market groups

Android app development

Android app development

Create mobile apps for devices with the iOS operating system: smartphones, tablets & TVs

“BuddyBoss created a revolutionary approach to building mobile apps. Cutting the cost of native app development by 80% or more.“
Tom Cheddadi
Tom Cheddadi
Founder & CEO at Buddyboss
“Casecoach created a revolutionary approach to building mobile apps. Cutting the cost of native app development by 80% or more.“
Enguerran Loos
Enguerran Loos
Founder & CEO at Casecoach
“It is hard to find resources that match their quality. This knowledgeable partner delivered modern designs and earned positive internal feedback on their execution and quality.“
Kari Honkanen
Kari Honkanen
Co-Founder & CEO at Oode
“The team’s top-notch output and professionalism proved that they were the right partner for the project. Stead’s co-founder was closely involved and attentive. Their outstanding customer service has set them up for future engagements.“
Sepi Ghajar
Sepi Ghajar
Co-Founder & CEO at Taygo

Results from Previous Endeavors.

We’re a results first agency, so its obvious when our work ignites success & impact in due time.


Satisfaction rates during user tests and focus groups for Buddyboss community & learning app.


Small scale business owners use Oode to grow their businesses in Singapore and United states.


Satisfaction rates during user tests and focus groups for Buddybooss community & learning app.


Additional students have started using CaseCoach’s E-learning platform after its design & development.


Satisfaction rates during user tests and focus groups for Kipe money management software.


Satisfaction rates during user tests and focus groups for time tracking application.


Industries we’ve Disrupted

Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing the transformative potential of A.I., we’ve collaborated with various industries to develop products that augment human capabilities & deliver personalized solutions that transform lives.

Real Estate

Stead has partnered with startups in the real estate market, engineering beautifully crafted digital products that revolutionizes how people discover, explore & engage with real estate properties & networks.


Leveraging a deep understanding of the challenges in the E-learning sector, we’ve partnered up with startups & played a pivotal role in contributing to how students & teachers interact with technology.


We’ve collaborated with numerous fintech companies, simplifying complex financial systems & empowering more users to the fintech world. Our work also inspired us to develop our own accounting software, Kipe.

& More

Our approach extends far beyond any specific industry, as we are open to facing new challenges & transforming the lives of new users. We’ve also designed solutions in healthcare, sports, NGOs & more.


Tools of the

We’re a development agency, so its obvious when we harness the latest technology to bring housing ideas to life.

UX/UI Design

  • Figma
  • Invision
  • Sketch


  • AWS
  • Firebase

Source Control

  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • GitLab

Web Front-end

  • React
  • Hugo
  • Angular
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Electron.JS


  • Browser Stack
  • Selenium

Web Back-end

  • Python
  • Node.JS
  • React Native

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