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Stead is the agile technology development company, focusing on developing custom Angular programs. Over the years, we’ve crafted more than 100 Angular projects for clients around the world.
Crafting reliable, secure solutions that brings in the finest of user experiences
Bringing in Angular into our stack of development technology enables Stead to build sophisticated single page apps and other products quickly. Create reusable elements, rich and responsive web pages and run unit tests easily with our Angular services.
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Why use Angular?

Angular offers a large number of excellent features, reliability and security that can help you accelerate your business goals.
The application is fast to use and deploy, making it one of our agency’s main top-notch technology tool over the last 7 years.
Improved performance
Improved performance
The diversity of Angular capabilities, for instance, template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, etc. make programmer’s work easier and enable quick loading of the application. The framework is compatible with various types of back-end programming languages to display gathered data in the UI efficiently.
Lazy load modules
Lazy load modules
Modules are logical elements that divide business components. Large apps written in Angular can use lazy-load modules to display various app components based on where a user is in the application. This feature helps improve the performance of such apps by reducing the size of the initially-loaded application.
Material design library
Material design library
Angular Material is a library that allows implementing Material Design elements. Material Design is a design system made by Google to enable creating highly responsive and productive user interfaces. Programmers choose Angular Material because once they learned it, it gets easier and faster to incorporate Angular design elements in further projects.
Efficient problem solver
Efficient problem solver
Angular offers powerful DI instrument to resolve various productivity issues and speed up the development process. Angular Services help combine business logic and app UI as well as make the code cleaner. A programmer can import a service just once in the code and then use it wherever they need it again. As a result, a specialist works faster because less code is needed.

Stead’s Angular services

Stead Technology provides full cycle app development services with over 25+ skilled smart creatives creating successful products

Lead coders

Our team’s expert developers have mastered the Angular framework’s power to provide innovative and effective solutions for various business needs. We have a decade of experience building interactive softwares.

Web development

Angular web development provides a wide variety of solutions for businesses. The vast design library, reusable components, the lod modules and more provides a stunning solution.

SPA development

We commonly use Angular while creating single-page application. Using HTML & TypeScript, single page client applications maybe created using the Angular platform to meet the highest standard.

Cross-platform dev

The diversity of Angular capabilities, for instance, template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, etc. make programmer’s work easier and enable quick loading of the application.


The ultimate Angular agency for you.

An agile team
Over 25 professionals make our team, including B2B enterprise software developers, UX/UI designers & project managers. Overcome your challenges with our knowledge & skillsets
Quality assurance
No matter where we operate from around the world, we uphold the highest ethical quality standards. The success of our agency & our clients because of our need for perfection is the foundation of Stead.
Stead prioritizes creating systems that can handle increased user loads, growing data volumes, and expanding business requirements. We ensure that your B2B software can adapt for future growth
Enhanced security
We place a paramount importance on security throughout the development process. Stead meticulously analyzes potential vulnerabilities & implement rigorous protocols to foster reliability.
We care
Our work and our clients matter to us. We’ve worked with established startups, through trust, communication & the value we bring to each other. We bring project clarity & transparency to your team.
Fast deliverables
Our agile team prioritizes in delivering high quality products with a clear & well defined deliverables. Through effective project management & communication, we ensure successful software deployment.

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