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Stead technology is one of the top node js development agency in the industry. Since its establishment in 2017, our company has provided innovative product development solutions for startups, SMBs & large cooperation around the globe
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Transforming ideas to powerful & clean software that people love, using node
Node js is a cross-platform, open source server environment intended to build data-intensive web & mobile applications. It has become popular in recent years thanks to range of powerful features. Currently, node js is an industry standard.
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High performance
Optimized cost
Easy scalability
Time efficiency

Why use Node Js. ?

Node.js offers a large number of excellent features and unmatched flexibilities that can help you accelerate your business
goals. The application is fast to use and deploy, making it one of our agency’s main technology tool for the last 7 years
Event driven nature
Event driven nature
The Node js framework is driven by events. That means when you see certain solutions like dashboards, charts or other visuals react directly to the changes in data & user input, its thanks to node’s framework system.
High team productivity
High team productivity
Node js technology enables the development team of our agency to level up our performance and speed thanks to the variety of NPM modules available within its framework. You will receive a faster project delivery, working with Node js.
Faster market reach
Faster market reach
The Node js framework enables you to speed up the development process. This helps your product reach the market faster, where you can deploy and test iterations faster.
High team productivity
High team productivity
With Node js, you can build serverless applications that are highly scalable and can help you reduce time and development cost. It helps you cut DevOps expenses, extensively.

What can you build?

Social networking apps
Real time dashboards
Web portals
Streaming services
Micro services
Data storage apps
Image processing apps
Content management apps

The ultimate Node js agency for you.

An agile team
Over 25 professionals make our team, including B2B enterprise software developers, UX/UI designers & project managers. Overcome your challenges with our knowledge & skillsets
Quality assurance
No matter where we operate from around the world, we uphold the highest ethical quality standards. The success of our agency & our clients because of our need for perfection is the foundation of Stead.
Stead prioritizes creating systems that can handle increased user loads, growing data volumes, and expanding business requirements. We ensure that your B2B software can adapt for future growth
Enhanced security
We place a paramount importance on security throughout the development process. Stead meticulously analyzes potential vulnerabilities & implement rigorous protocols to foster reliability.
We care
Our work and our clients matter to us. We’ve worked with established startups, through trust, communication & the value we bring to each other. We bring project clarity & transparency to your team.
Fast deliverables
Our agile team prioritizes in delivering high quality products with a clear & well defined deliverables. Through effective project management & communication, we ensure successful software deployment.

Industries we’ve Disrupted

Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing the transformative potential of A.I., we’ve collaborated with various industries to develop products that augment human capabilities & deliver personalized solutions that transform lives.

Real Estate

Stead has partnered with startups in the real estate market, engineering beautifully crafted digital products that revolutionizes how people discover, explore & engage with real estate properties & networks.


Leveraging a deep understanding of the challenges in the E-learning sector, we’ve partnered up with startups & played a pivotal role in contributing to how students & teachers interact with technology.


We’ve collaborated with numerous fintech companies, simplifying complex financial systems & empowering more users to the fintech world. Our work also inspired us to develop our own accounting software, Kipe.

& More

Our approach extends far beyond any specific industry, as we are open to facing new challenges & transforming the lives of new users. We’ve also designed solutions in healthcare, sports, NGOs & more.

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